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     In fall of 2016 we launched the first phase, which is to provide oral exams for 1300+ kindergarten and elementary school kids, in their classrooms. This will be followed by scheduled teeth cleaning, dental repair and extractions at Naco Centro Salud rural health clinic, using the dental chair and equipment Naco Wellness donated through a Phoenix dentist earlier this year. The dental work will be performed by student interns from the Dental School of the University of Hermosillo. There will also be an ongoing oral hygiene program in the schools, along with toothbrushes, toothpaste and floss. Of the 480 kids we have examined so far, over 70% of them require cavity treatment or extractions!! This is extremely disturbing, and we are so glad for the opportunity and resources to respond. There are also 225+ kids living in Naco Sonora, who go to school just across the border in the Naco, Arizona elementary school. We will include them in our dental project as well. The dental exam photos were taken at two kindergarten schools.