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     The Legacy Foundation and the Arizona Community Foundation also recently awarded NWI grants to establish a "Connections Project" to increase parent/child engagement in creating a healthy and sustainable environment in which parents, students, teachers and administrators can collectively connect in building strong, healthy, educational opportunities. This will include installation of Ed-TV Video Conferencing installations on each side of the border wall – one in our Naco Wellness clinic in Naco Sonora, and one in the Naco AZ Elementary school a mile away on the U.S. side of the wall.

     NWI will use Ed-TV technology (the same distance learning system used in hospitals, clinics, universities and colleges around the world) to deliver the ELL, Parent to Parent, and Health programs at both NES and NWI. NES has long sought a way to engage all parents (regardless of which side of the border they live) in their students' education. This technology will allow parents from both sides of the border to engage in activities on either side of the border. 

     NWI has also long been interested in presenting health and wellness education to residents on both sides of the border. Ed-TV technology provides open and interactive (live visual and audio) communication between locations, and will allow residents on each side to access information, attend meetings interactively, and share learning opportunities with any number of distant learning facilities. Working with NEC, Cochise County Health Department and Cochise College's Nursing program will also allow health education programs to be available to those who are unable to travel to the actual training site. Exciting opportunities!